With its digital health platform, SATMED offers governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as institutes involved in global health a long-term access to a large range of world leading e/m-health software solutions in a single working environment that is interoperable, secured and compliant with data regulations. From operational tools to competences, SATMED solutions encompass 3 categories of tools: medical care, education and health systems management. All applications can be used immediately wherever there is internet access. Some selected tools also work off-line and thus offer a viable access to partners located in remote or under-served areas that lack a reliable internet connection.

Tools Description Medical care Information sharing Training Education Health systems management
User Profiles The User Profile tool provides users with a simple way of changing their personal information, including passwords, as well as a user-friendly review of user privileges.
Groups The Group Management tool allows new users to be registered and have specific roles assigned to them.
Notifications The Notifications tool is an alerts and messages center for the SATMED platform.
Cloud The Cloud tool is a file sharing application which allows users to upload different types of files and share them with other users.
Consultancy The tele-consultancy tool is designed for users eager to exchange and share specific information related to a given patient or medical topic. Beside medical use, the tool is also well suited for training or board meetings (e.g. demo of medical cases).
Imaging / Teleradiology The Imaging / Teleradiology tool allows all types of imaging data to be easily uploaded, managed and stored.
Medical Records Integrated into the SATMED platform, OpenMRS tool promotes a systematic collection of electronic health information that can be shared easily.
e-Learning Moodle e-learning tool allows to create dynamic online courses and virtual classrooms to users.
Health Information Management 3 management tools are provided in the SATMED platform for data collection and analysis:
  • DHIS2
  • Kobo
  • RapidPro