What SATMED solution brought:

  • Enable a clinic partnership between the Regional Hospital in Faranah and institutes in the capital city Conacry, Africa and Europe
  • Establish a consultation system

The project in Guinea aims to improve the qualification of doctors and health care in the Faranah region of Guinea. The project was initially implemented within the framework of the "Hospital Partnerships" initiative ( of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Regional Hospital in Faranah (FRH) has long standing partnerships with the Robert Koch Institute and the GIZ. The SATMED initiative will help to further strengthen this partnership.

In partnership with the GIZ, the Regional Hospital in Faranah chose to use SATMED solution to improve the quality of its health services through an exchange of knowledge between hospitals. The project specifically focuses on the fields of hygiene, obstetrics, gynecology and general surgery.

SATMED platform met Faranah needs for easier exchange between hospitals thanks to its consultancy tool, notably used to share medical cases of obstetrics and infectiology patients with physicians. The consultancy tool enables interesting medical cases to be discussed, while difficult cases were addressed by consultation.

In addition to bringing e/m-health value to Faranah, the use of SATMED helped the hospital to further strengthen its partnerships with the Robert Koch Institute and the GIZ.

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