What SATMED solution brought:

  • Provide digital registration capabilities
  • Allow for more complex cases to be consulted upon from major units across the country

Fondation Follereau Luxembourg has a long track record in Benin, notably in Allada district hospital that is nationally and internationally renowned for its infectious disease and skin transplantation program.

As part of its NGO activities, FFL built a maternity hospital in Ahozonnoude village with the ambition of taking care of mother-child health at the level of delivery and post-delivery care. Being remotely located, doctors from the capital city Cotonou only visit the maternity ward every ten days for diagnosis (including imaging) and treatment. Moreover, the maternity clinic midwives also supervise healthcare workers and continuously upgrade their qualifications.

In the context of its complex accessibility and continuous training, FFL partnered with SATMED in order to support the diagnosis and treatment of the clinic’s patients despite its remote location, as well as enhance training of healthcare workers. SATMED was indeed used and tested for teleradiology to better share medical cases between the maternity and Cotonou doctors, and for e-learning in Allada.

What FFL says about SATMED: "SATMED will have a significant impact in the field of telemedicine and remote patient awareness."

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The Fondation Follereau is a non-governmental organization based in Luxembourg and is committed to promoting the quality of life of the most vulnerable African communities.

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