What SATMED solution brought:

  • Provide conferencing facilities and data collection and analysis for CURE’s Clubfoot program
  • Connect reliably to both the internet and CURE’s own cloud-based tools

The CURE Hôpital des Enfants au Niger in Niamey is specialized in the care of children with surgically correctable conditions (in the areas of orthopedics, plastics and reconstructive surgery). In addition to its surgical services, the hospital offers a range of ancillary services and is also involved in numerous activities regarding clubfoot in national and regional hospitals and clinics (e.g. awareness, identification, education, treatment, and training).

Considering all activities it is engaged in, the hospital decided to use the SATMED platform to ensure their well-functioning. In the past, CURE Niger hospital has indeed gone through numerous unreliable internet providers, thus limiting its access to cloud-based solutions. Therefore, the conferencing, imaging visualization and health record tools of SATMED met CURE Niger expectations by addressing its main needs for connectivity support services during outages, access to CURE’s additional cloud-based tools, collaboration with other pilot facilities, medical imaging visualization and on-field data collection and analysis.

Pleased by the successful use of SATMED solution in Niger, SATMED applications were tested in other CURE pilot facilities such as Uganda and Kenya.

CURE´s preferred SATMED application was the teleconsultation tool, and appreciated the addition of features like automated SMS messaging to the health record OpenMRS.

What CURE says about SATMED: “By providing a consolidated technology solution for healthcare facilities with limited resources, the adoption process for new tools is made easier”

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CURE International is a nonprofit organization that operates a global network of 8 pediatric surgical hospitals. Patients at CURE children's hospitals suffer from conditions that can limit mobility, opportunities for education, and employment (such as cleft lip/palate or neglected clubfoot, etc.), or conditions that are life-threatening such as brain tumors and hydrocephalus.

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