Cloud / File sharing

Key features

  • Upload files into folders
  • Upload images in different formats and view them via a web-image viewer
  • Share files with individual users or user groups

The cloud tool is a file sharing application that facilitates the saving and sharing of various types of documents (e.g. text, images and videos) between users.

Uploaded content can be for example used for 2 purposes: teaching as well as dissemination of guidelines or standard operational procedures.

Beside the direct upload and sharing of files performed by users, SATMED cloud tool also stores documents uploaded indirectly using other SATMED applications. Thus saving all documents shared via SATMED platform in a unique and centralized storage space. For example, all documents of a specific user attached in the consultancy and case discussion tools are available via the cloud tool.

In practice, files are uploaded in folders created beforehand. For users wishing to save and share images, the cloud tool supports the upload of medical image under DICOM format, and display them with a professional web-image viewer.

Figure – Cloud tool.