With its digital health platform, SATMED supports and partnered with numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide. For its development, the platform was developed and tested in different countries by the experience and expertise of several non-governmental and governmental organizations including Friendship, Archemed, German Doctors, Cure and GIZ.

In building its partnerships, SATMED focused on two key aspects in order to bring as much value as possible to both partners and end-users:

  • Cover a wide spectrum of different medical use cases that range notably from classical telemedicine applications (e.g. teleconsultation, teleradiology) to e-learning and health information management.
  • Align with partners and end-users’ true needs. Indeed, right from the beginning, SATMED and partnered NGOs worked hand-in-hand to refine SATMED solution and selected the provided tools and services most relevant to them. By doing so, the designed platform is guaranteed to be aligned to their true needs rather than being shaped like a technology-driven top-down approach.

Within the framework of these partnerships, SATMED was implemented and tested under real-live conditions in several projects.



SATMED was installed in two hospitals in Benin—one district hospital in Allada, and one maternity hospital in the remote village of Ahozonnoude. The platform is used for training, digital patient registration, and uploading maternity cases for discussion and review with physicians. It also provides health information management and enhanced control over the standard of healthcare in the region.

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SATMED was deployed in three hospital ships that are active in the riverside and coastal areas of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. The platform is used to treat approximately 200,000 patients each year, and at a land-based hospital in Satkhira. It enables the sharing of medical records across the three ships, synchronising information with headquarters, and providing e-learning web conferencing tools to the training centre.

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In October 2016, a SATMED terminal was deployed at the Orotta hospital in Asmara to implement a virtual clinic as part of the hospital’s residency programme. The virtual clinic features a teaching area with structured materials and standard operating procedures, a clinical area that captures medical information for consulting and teaching, and a workforce management area that enables document sharing and organisation.

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Berlin, Germany
Faranah, Guinea

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs signed a Memorandum of Understanding with GIZ, provisioning the extension of SATMED to the Hospital of Faranah in Guinea. The project, supported through Hospital Partnerships, Partners Strengthen Health programme (hospitalpartnerships.org), enhances e-health service accessibility for the region. SATMED also allows local doctors to exchange their expertise and access consultancy in the fields of gynecology, infectiology, and obstetrics from their colleagues at Charite Universitätsmedizin in Berlin.

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Giz Charité

Sierra Leone

Serabu Hospital is located in Bumpe Ngao chiefdom, one out of 15 chiefdoms in Bo District in Sierra Leone. It has approximately 124 beds and an Outpatient Clinic which sees approximately 100 patients per day.

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German Doctors


At the Cagayan de Oro clinic and two hospitals in rural areas on the island of Mindanao, a wide spectrum of medical disciplines at different levels, from primary health care involving local health workers to secondary care in well-equipped clinics (with labs, ECG, X-ray, ultrasound), are covered.

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German Doctors


  • NGOs


Friendship is a non-governmental organization founded in 2002 that aims to help underprivileged people in Bangladesh, notably the marginalized Char dwellers. Friendship’s priority is to reach communities in remote areas that are otherwise inaccessible, and help them become self-sufficient via the creation of sustainable solutions.

Friendship engages its activities in 6 programs:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Disaster Management and Infrastructure Development
  • Good Governance
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Cultural Preservation

Friendship's preferred SATMED applications are the e-learning tool, medical consultancy tooland Kobo tool for improving logistics. In addition, a dedicated connectivity solution allows the individual hospital ships to be connected to each other and thus exchange health information.

What Run Kahn, founder and executive director of Friendship NGO, says about SATMED:
"The poor cannot afford poor solutions. Therefore SATMED is a great digital health platform!"


ARCHEMED - Doctors for Children in Need was founded in 2010 as a non-profit organization and provides medical and humanitarian aid for sick children and childbearing mothers in Eritrea.

ARCHEMED purpose is to decisively improve the lives of children in Eritrea by supporting the sustainable development of local medical infrastructures, as well as secure electricity and water supply, via a 6-step mission:

  • Treat and operate sick children
  • Competently look after childbearing mothers and their newborn children
  • Create medical infrastructure and train Eritrean medical staff
  • Operate a modern surgical center for children
  • Care for premature babies and sick newborns in a total of five provincial clinics
  • Help people to support themselves

ARCHEMED`s preferred SATMED applications are solutions for teleradiology, consultancy in pathology and e-learning.

What Peter Schwidtal says about SATMED:
“The variety of our projects (training, medical services, technical support) requires different solutions. Offering a wide spectrum of e-health solution in one platform is therefore a major advantage.”


German Doctors is a non-governmental organization working internationally by sending volunteer doctors to projects in various countries such as the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Sierra Leone.

Since its foundation in 1983, German Doctors’s mission is to help people in countries located in the southern hemisphere have access to sufficient basic healthcare services, as well as education.

German Doctors programs aims to improve, over the long run, the health of all individuals, regardless of prestige, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, political conviction, or any other differentiating characteristic. It encompasses 3 kind of programs:

  • Prevention programs
  • Nutrition programs
  • Training in hygiene

What Harald Kischlat, executive board of German Doctors, says about SATMED:
“The e-health solutions of SATMED help to increase knowledge and skills of local health workers and therefore strengthen the health systems in the respective country.”



CURE International is a nonprofit organization that operates a global network of 8 pediatric surgical hospitals. Patients at CURE children's hospitals suffer from conditions that can limit mobility, opportunities for education, and employment (such as cleft lip/palate or neglected clubfoot, etc.), or conditions that are life-threatening such as brain tumors and hydrocephalus.

In addition to world-class clinical service, CURE ministers to the emotional and spiritual needs of patient and their communities.

CURE´s preferred SATMED applications were the teleconsultation tools. In addition, features like automated SMS messaging were added to the health record OpenMRS.

What Cure says about SATMED:
“By providing a consolidated technology solution for healthcare facilities with limited resources, the adoption process for new tools is made easier”


Former partner of SATMED for a project envisioned in Benin, the Fondation Follereau (FFL) is a non-governmental organization based in Luxembourg and is committed to promoting the quality of life of the most vulnerable African communities.

The Fondation Follereau is currently supporting and financing more than 35 development projects in nine countries in West Africa and Madagascar. Alongside its trusted partners and the Ministry of Foreign affairs, FFL supports local, inclusive and positive initiatives and concentrates on 4 main issues:

  • Improvement in the community on public health
  • Support of national health programs against neglected tropical diseases (e.g. Leprosy and Buruli Ulcer)
  • Protection and support to children in distress
  • Support of vocational training for disadvantaged children

Fondation Follereau Luxembourg tested and used SATMED solution for 3 purposes: teleradiology, sharing of medical cases between the maternity and Cotonou and

What FFL says about SATMED:
“SATMED will have a significant impact in the field of telemedicine and remote patient awareness.”


  • Friendship
  • Archemed
  • German Doctors