What SATMED solution brought:

  • Establish a virtual clinic for training, information sharing and workforce management
  • Enable ARCHEMED teams to focus on applying hands-on knowledge
  • Enhance medical care by teleconsultation and telepathology/radiology

ARCHEMED teams in Eritrea focus on hands-on training in surgery and intensive care, as well as supporting the teaching of medical students. ARCHEMED is active in the Orotta university hospital in Asmara, the capital city with an approximate population of one million people – that are the only institutes of advanced secondary and tertiary care in Eritrea.

Eager to enhance its support to Orotta Hospital, ARCHEMED benefitted from SATMED solution to create a “virtual clinic” that includes 3 areas:

  • A teaching area including, among others, structured teaching material and standard operation procedures (SOPs).
  • A clinical area that allows medical information to be captured and used for consultancies or teaching of students. To help for pathology diagnosis or follow-up, SATMED imaging tool can be used.
  • A workforce management area aiming to share and organize documents across the organization.

Later on, ARCHEMED hopes to extend SATMED activities outside Asmara. ARCHEMED is very active in the province hospitals in Keren and Barentu, both of which are typical institutes of primary care.

ARCHEMED preferred SATMED applications are solutions for teleradiology, consultancy in pathology and e-learning.

What the Founder of ARCHEMED says about SATMED: “The variety of our projects (training, medical services, technical support) requires different solutions. Thus, offering a wide spectrum of e-health solution in one platform is therefore a major advantage.”

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ARCHEMED - Doctors for Children in Need was founded in 2010 as a non-profit organization and provides medical and humanitarian aid for sick children and childbearing mothers in Eritrea.

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