High quality digital health tools in a secure platform. Applications covering e-care, e-learning, e-surveillance, digital-health administration and financing, and video conferencing.
  • CLOUD &

    Cloud services for very secure data storage, including data back-up and enabling the exchange of data between different sites worldwide.
  • Connectivity

    Satellite-enhanced digital-health services for remote areas where no internet is available. Hardware is easy to deploy and robust in use.

e-Health Tools

SATMED platform integrates a large range of world leading digital health software solutions that brings together medical care, education, and health system management in one unique working environment accessible everywhere in the world.

Similar to an app-store the user can choose to use application for:

  • teleconsultation,
  • teleradiology,
  • e-learning,
  • health information systems (including analytics and epidemiology),
  • and electronic medical record systems.

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By providing governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as institutes involved in global health, with a centralized digital-health platform, SATMED improves IT solutions interoperability and reduces the fragmented landscape of IT solutions by offering a solution accessible with a single sign-on.


SATMED provides cloud services for secure data storage along with increased quality, IT security and protection of data privacy.

By including data back-up and enabling the sharing of data between different users worldwide, SATMED cloud services free users from the burden of having to set-up their own data hosting and storage capacities at their local sites. Instead, users can now rely on the centralized and safe data storage infrastructure provided by SATMED.

Moreover, a file-sharing functionality is integrated with all offered SATMED applications, bringing additional ease and security to their use. For example, file-sharing is possible using the consultancy tool that connects healthcare professionals in developing countries with other experts. This combination of tool and service enables seamless sharing of anonymized patients’ data including medical images.

Finally, the SATMED data hosting and file sharing system implements the highest standards of data security and reliability. They are indeed compliant with the European Regulations and Standards and implemented via Microsoft Azure Cloud services, a highly protected data center. Furthermore, the storage of back-up data is completely encrypted and anonymized, ensuring that the operators and users cannot access the contained information.