Medical Records


Key features

  • Create data entry fields (adapted to the needs of individual clinics)
  • Navigate within the tool thanks to its intuitive interfaces for data entry
  • Adapt to preferred channels as this tool functions both on computers and mobile devices
  • Synchronize data between different sites and hospitals
  • Support data privacy
  • Create interactive discussion of clinical cases by combining with SATMED videoconferencing tool

Integrated into the SATMED platform, OpenMRS tool promotes a systematic collection of electronic health information about an individual, patient or population; and can be easily shared across different health care settings. In practice, this collection is made possible thanks to the use of digital records such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

OpenMRS offers 2 main assets:

  • Easy-to-use baseline functionalities.
  • Structuration according to organizations’ needs
    It can indeed be adapted and modified to users content (e.g. clinics with sub-specialties).

Eager to enhance the capabilities of OpenMRS application, users can combine it with SATMED Group Management or videoconferencing tools to create interactive discussion of clinical cases.

To comply with high standards of data protection and safety, SATMED complies with 2 data protection standards:

  1. Absence of data identifying patients used in OpenMRS.
    Indeed, personal information such as clear names and birth dates are replaced by a (pseudo)anonymized patient-ID. Such an ID can be created with a separate SATMED tool.
  2. Local installation and data encryption.
    OpenMRS is directly installed on a local computer and only encrypted data is processed through the SATMED platform. The keys for decryption are kept by a trusted third party. Please note that SATMED is currently evaluating this issue together with the “Security & Trust” Department of the University of Luxembourg.
Figure – e-health Records, OpenMRS.

User manual