Key features

  • Create online courses for virtual classrooms
  • Upload teaching content of various formats (e.g. word, PDF, PowerPoint and videos)
  • Assess what has been learned with online tests and/or questionnaires
  • Create interactive live sessions when combined by combining this tool with video-conferencing


Known as one of the world’s most successful e-learning platforms already used by millions of people, Moodle e-learning tool allows to create dynamic online courses and virtual classrooms for users.

Moodle provides a highly flexible platform with customizable and secure learning management features.

In addition to Moodle, SATMED provides 2 applications facilitating e-learning:

  • Cloud Tool, allowing users to upload and share teaching material in a straightforward and easy manner. Click Here
  • Consultancy Tool, which is ideally suited for medical case demonstrations. Click Here
Figure – e-learning, Moodle.